Mia's Pizzeria

In Huntington Park

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Sunday to Thursday 11am – 8pm
Friday and Saturday 11am – 9pm

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The best taste in pizza


We serve the best Pizzas in South Los Angeles

Home style with dough prepared by us enjoy a different pizza in our cozy place, parking for our customers and friendly service We are located in Huntington Park

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Quality ingredients, homemade pizzas the best Italian flavor

Heart Pizza

Choose any pizza flavor

Sm $ 6.99

L 12.99

XL 25.99

pizza, yummy, food-3525673.jpg

Mexican pizza

Bean with Chorizo, Fresh, Chesse, jalapeños

Sm $ 7.99

L 12.99

XL 25.99

pizza, food, italian-1202775.jpg

Peruvian Pizza

Ahi sauce, mushrooms,chicken, pineaple

SM $ 8.99 l 14.99 Xl 29.99

italian cuisine, dish, pizza-6903773.jpg


Chesse, chicharron, loroco

Sm $12.5 L 15.99 XL 35.99


Pepperoni Ham, Sausage, Jalapeños, olive, Mushrooms, onion, Bell Pepper

Sm $32.5 l 16.99 XL 35.99

Good Food | Good Wine​

Wednesdays Means

Heart Pizza

We Also have

Pepperoni, Supreme, Meat Lovers, Hawallan, Cheesse and Vegge Pizza